Playing World Puzzle, UNDP-Style

Global impact is what international organisations strive for. Just as their successes, their mess-ups tend to have epic proportions. Here we have a clickable world map with the international human development indicators. Since a large number of countries are misplaced, the map is totally unusable. It is funny, though. Or rather it would be funny, if we didn’t finance these things ourselves. Knowing the UN system to a certain degree, I can only guess what sums of money went into the development and implementation of this tool. As I know that, unlike in the private sector, where heads would roll, the information will have no consequences. I am ready to take bets if even the map will ever be changed. But in the meantime, let us have some fun. Here’s a little slideshow for you. Should you want to have real-time enjoyment, click on the link

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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