The public cartel

Richard Wagner on the discussion about Thilo Sarrazin in Germany. Pim Fortuyn reloaded? Whatever one may think about Sarrazin’s theses, the uninformed moralizing outrage even before the book has officially been published is a splendid example of the bigotry of Germany’s mediatised public discourse. And it is the harbinger of a deep political crisis, of which failed immigration policy is just one facet. Good night and good luck…

Here’s the link:

Vision? Don’t tell, they’ll hunt you down…

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  1. I agree. It seems it is currently needed to have speed world records in public debated instead of informed debate, which is boring and too slow. However, I must admit, Fortuyn knew this and played very well into this ‘mediatised political environment’. I fear that anti-immigrant, anti-europe, anti-islam politicians will get smarter in how to sell and spread stupidity, while the public grows more and more careless.

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