Expensive Illiteracy

MRTV did it again. The financially and ethically bankrupt Macedonian “public” service allegedly paid 90,000 €, a horrendous sum for local standards, for the rights to a show called “Glasot na narodot” – vox populi, as it were. Well done! All Macedonia needs now is more engaged journalists of the class and level of literacy of Slobodan Tomic.

How many more years and how many more millions donated by naive international donors will it still take to understand that MRTV is not reformable? This monster is totally out of control and needs to be closed down. And because there is serious need for a real public service in Macedonia, a new, slim, modern and transparent structure needs to be created.

For illustration purposes, here a letter that has been distributed by Slobodan Tomic to international organisations and embassies ahead of the 2008 elections. Macedonian only, but these things just cannot be translated…

Vision? Not on this channel…

glasot na narodot-001

glasot na narodot-002glasot na narodot-003

  1. velko said:

    strasna rabota

  2. Gjuro said:

    You are lucky guy. He did not invited you 🙂

    He, he, he…

    Actualy this is not Mr. Tomic worse letter. He also had a letter in which he is describing a plans to invite Macedonian SHEPARD Mr. Gruevski and how he will have arranged callers from the country and abroad.

    That is bigger disgrace than this one here…

    • Harald Schenker said:

      I know, I know, but that one has been circulated in extenso, so…

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