Tribal Vanguards

1. Once again these days, the ruling tribal clusters in Kosovo have shown their real face by issuing very poorly masked death threats to Jeta Xharra, a journalist who dared to discuss the issue of freedom of expression. As disgusting as it may be, the Kosovar reaction is expression of a vanguard.

2. Europe’s population is largely ignoring these days the elections to its own parliament. The distance between the citizens and the ruling clusters in Brussels (and absurdly in Strasbourg and Luxembourg) could not be bigger. At the same time, media have already started to deplore the swing towards populism for instance in the Netherlands, where the party of Geert Wilders came in second after the ruling Christian-democrats.  It seems to be a trend that citizens don’t buy the inclusion rhetoric promoted by the political mainstream.  Fear as a vehicle of politics is much more efficient.

3. Silvio Berlusconi, whom Jose Saramago today called ” a thing that looks dangerously like a human”, a “virus”, an “illness”, has secured his space in the headlines with a series of photos from a lush party in one of his residences, in naked attendance of the former Czech PM Topolánek. It is most likely not one of the villas, which he offered to the victims of the recent earthquake in L’Aquila.

Europe is in fear and disgust of populism, one might think if you read the mainstream media. Well, it is not. It elects these people. They are the impersonated expression of a development, which is not a crisis of democracy, but could prove to be its very end. We seem to have entered a phase, in which Berlusconian show-masters with a barely disguised criminal energy are confronting and outplaying political old-school dilettantes of the category of Gordon Brown or Jan Peter Balkenende. This is why Sarkozy is successful, this is why people like Prodi had to fail. This is why characters of the dullness of Barroso or Solana will never be able to sell the idea of Europe to its citizens.

Liberal and libertarian values are a thing of the past, we are entering a new totalitarian phase. Its exponents are playing into each others hands, whether willingly or without knowing it. Political correctness and its ever expanding catalogue of taboos  and fake tolerance is playing straight into the hands of business interest groups, which are not only not interested in transparency, but which will do everything to hide it behind hollow formulations and bureaucratic procedures. The instruments are provided exactly by the apostles of political correctness in an amazing show of collaborationism. Just think of the incredible success of “social entrepreneurship”. Buy a beer and save the rain forest. Bollocks!. As for myself, I prefer the medieval Catholic practice of buying letters of indulgence to clear your sins. The depth of the usurpation of our democratic values has its visualisation in the handling of the current financial crisis, which has often enough been labeled as the end of capitalism and has opened the way for etatistic experiments, which will not only fail, but actually deepen the crisis into a political one.

But back to the Balkan tribal vanguard. Oddly as it seems, it shows us the way into the crisis. And if we were clever, we could draw conclusions from its development and avoid it for ourselves. What else are we dealing with here, but with totalitarian structures, dictated by tribal adherence? Whether tribal translates into blood ties, business clusters, religious belonging, or  traditional inter-dependencies remains irrelevant. It remains tribal in its exclusive and exclusivistic logic. You are with us, or you are against us. US, not ME. As experienced by Jeta Xharra in contact with the Drenica clans, as heard by Macedonian students, who were qualified by their own president as “just atheists”, as experienced by the Croatian journalist Ivo Pukanic, killed by a car bomb in the centre of Zagreb. It is not healthy to be liberal-minded in the Balkans, it is disturbing the deals.

And in the end, political correctness helped creating the monster. A whole spiderweb of particular rights and special agreements has nurtured group egoism, not least that of ethnic minorities.  Now the buzzword is integration. Does that sound familiar? Well, people in the Balkans don’t seem to like that rhetoric, either. At least they don’t vote for it.

Totalitarian Europe, here we come. Unless we wake up and have a debate on what we are and where we want to go. To use the words of Saramago, “if a deep vomit doesn’t succeed in ejecting it from the consciousness…, the poison will end up corroding the veins and destroying the heart” of Europe. Bureaucrats don’t vomit. They don’t know about the sweetness of excess. We do.

Vision? I arrest thee of high treason…

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  1. There’s an interesting optical phenomenon typical for the coast of South Calabria..more precisely, Reggio Calabria, Lungomare Falcomata’, where on a hot summer windless day you can see a “ghost city” arising from the water, actually an image of the sicilian coast which is 5 km away, yet it appears to be 10 m away…
    It’s called Fata Morgana and I think it may be called in the dock to defend the vision against the charges of treason 🙂

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