Tribal Patients continued…

Our psychiatric clinic patient with serious artistic ambitions has done some reading in the meanwhile. The move from TV satire to absurd theatre comes swiftly.

The makeshift press conference venue, where the Ugandan rebels announced to engage Ramush Haradinaj as mediator, has been turned into a just as improvised theatre stage. The stage design transports us into one of the antique amphitheatres in the Balkans. In recognising the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity as assets, a courageous citizen (the alter ego of our patient/director) commits an act of civil disobedience against the ruling national dogma and renames the amphitheatre into “Nationality Arena“. He then enters the stage and begins a monologue.

Patient (wearing an antique mask):”They call me Proxenetas. I shall be known by many names: internuncius, medium, intercessor, philantropus, interpolator, conciliator, interlocutor, 
interpres, mediator. But what I do is always the same: I help people overcome their differences. They make the decisions, I guide and assist. ”

The monologue continues with the character speaking in a slow and monotonous voice, avoiding any emotional expression. He is listing the various mediation techniques in painstaking detail.

In his back, a large screen emerges. On it we see inserts from the press conference that had happened on the very same spot. An ADF spokesman reads out his statement about wanting Ramush Haradinaj to mediate  because “he has been through a lot” and had experience “of rebels and difficulties”.

While the monologue continues,  a reporter enters the scene, carrying a microphone, which he points towards the screen. There we see Ramush Haradinaj, answering the reporter’s question, whether he would accept this assignment:

“I have been helping them for the past six months.  “I will be helping them as much as I can without neglecting my obligations here.”

The monologue stops suddenly with the words: “…commitment to adopting a neutral position”.



Vision? Hahaa…


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