Romanian therapy for the public

Romanians have finally really, really, really arrived in the EU. The senate has unanimously passed a law requiring broadcast news to present a 50% balance of positive and negative news. The idiocy goes as far as charging the national audiovisual council with a judgment on what is to be considered positive or negative. The reasoning given, according to the article on BalkanInsight, was that this approach to news would “improve the general climate and offer to the public the chance to have balanced perceptions on daily life, mentally and emotionally.”

Mental balance prescribed by law? This is usually only topped by the absurd information campaigns run by the European Commission, according to whom we are all happily

in this venture.Except for the French, Dutch, Irish…

Three questions for the Romanian audiovisual council to judge:

  1. Is the Irish “No” to the Lisbon treaty good or bad news for Romania’s public?
  2. Is the ignorance with which it has been treated at the last summit good or bad news for Romania’s public?
  3. Is the fact that the entire Senate passes a motion presented by two of its members who obviously  have lost their marbles and are suffering of communist phantom pain and reflexes good or bad news for Romania’s public?

Maybe they won’t have to make that judgment. There is hope, still. The president has to sign off the law. Well, maybe there isn’t…

Vision? Yeah, right!


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