Kitsch and Nationalism

Kitsch as kitsch can. A website claiming to speak on behalf of the Kosovar people and covering everything in optimistic baby blue and pink hearts is counting and thanking the countries, which have recognised or expressed the intention to recognise the newborn Kosovar state. And because it is all baby blue and pink, it does not count those, who have pledged never to recognise it…

And although it it is all baby blue and pink, the authors do not forget to do their patriotic duty and thank those “that gave and lost their lives” in the process. And of course, the greatly uninspired “Uncle, it’s done” (Bac, u kry) logo cannot miss from the site.

 Bac, u kry

The uncle in cause is no one else than Adem Jashari, who has been martyrised by Albanian national mythology. A hero, who chose to sacrifice most of his family rather than surrender.  For a detailed account on the massacre committed by Serb security forces read more here. The events constituted a turning point in the popular support for the Kosovo Liberation Army and a serious blow to, if not the end of the civic alternative for Kosovo. And made a national hero out of someone, who had the wisdom to have his family, including eighteen women and ten children killed by special police. And mind you, we are talking 1998, not some dark, mythical middle ages. But of course, the cause justifies the means, doesn’t it?

Kosovo society is missing out on a great opportunity. Rather than becoming the first state in the Balkans overcoming the traps of national mythology, it places the rebel farmer from Drenica at the centre of its pantheon. Pity. Not unexpected, but still a pity.

Vision? Come on…


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