Blond in Belgrade

We’ve all seen the pictures yesterday. Belgrade’s hools expressed their outrage at the loss of Kosovo by looting shops, attacking Western jewels like McDonald’s, and ransacking and burning down the empty American embassy. In other words, they did what was expected of them to do, loss of human life included, thus living up to the expectations of those manipulating the herd: Koštunica, Nikolić and many, many others. An inspired move by film director Emir Kusturica to show up in such select company at the official rally… Really inspired!

At the same time, these two girls used the opportunity to go on a surely politically motivated shopping spree. The guy filming them says at some stage in a pretty sarcastic tone: “You are my heroes of the demonstration!”

If the YouTube link doesn’t work, you can always try BalkanInsight

Vision? Come on, no way…


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