The face of independence

The following is an extract from a joint press briefing of Javier Solana with the prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, held on 19 February in Prishtina: 
Question: “Can [the] EU mission be called an administration, independence not full independence, due to executive powers of ICR [the International Community Representative], what do you think?”
SOLANA: “I don’t have to think anything, I think the Prime Minister has made it very clear today —- independence has a face” (pointing to Thaçi). 

Quite a career for the former co-founder of the once ultra-orthodox leninist People’s Movement of Kosovo (Lëvizja Popullore e Kosovës, LPK), aka the Snake – Gjarpëri.  

Read here a rather neutral bio of Hashim Thaçi and here a more juicy one.  

Vision? Oh, come on… Think!


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