So this is it…

… Liechtenstein is threatening Germany and Kosovars got their independence. And a flag.

No, not this one   although it was a proposal.

It is a more “European” looking one  

Blessed be, politically correct designers!

Vision! Come on…

  1. zdravko said:

    аирлија блогот — нека се угоде!

    do you know what the symbolism of the six stars is? yugonostalgia? 😉

  2. Harald Schenker said:

    The six stars are symbolising the six ethnic communities living in Kosovo: Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Gorani, Roma, Bosniaks. And as they are all equal, the stars are equally big. So go figure…

  3. zdravko said:

    wonder how long before each stars demands its own flag…

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